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European Regiowiki Society
Ville de Brest
Wikimedia Deutschland



RegioWikiCamp 2011

September 2nd to 4th

Brest (France) 


The RegioWikiCamp is an open conference for all RegioWiki projects in Europe and actors of related technologies and projects like

  • Wikipedia
  • Creative Commons
  • Semantic Wiki
  • OpenStreetMap
  • media culture
  • peer education
  • public administration (Government 2.0)

are addressed too.

We also welcome:

  • regio marketing professionals
  • journalists
  • researchers
  • students

In short: All people interested in RegioWikis and similar open content projects.

RegioWikiCamp follows the BarCamp concept - that means:

  • all participants are asked to offer sessions
  • sessions will be scheduled on site
  • no spectators - only participants / be willing to help and share
  • no paid speeches
  • no attendance fee

This event is free of charge. In return you are requested to provide sessions by yourself to share your knowledge and experience.

Please use or look for the tag: rwc11 (flickr, twitter, identi.ca, ...)

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