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Jean-François Ayel

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Blog / Twitter / identi.ca / etc.

http://jfayel.posterous.com / http://twitter.com/jfayel

Anything else:

Languages from best to weak...
* French, English, ... Portuguese, Spanish, ... Deutsch, Latin, ...

Web contributions:
* ... wikipedia, wordreference
* Antropologia: spanish & english: http://antropologiadiwiki.org/
* Local news multilanguage: english, french, german, italian, spanish, ...
: malaga: http://malaga.diwiki.org/
: zaragoza: http://es.zaragoza.diwiki.org/
: ... very soon many more to come
* Brainforming
: 1: general: "jfayel.diwiki.com"
: 2: focused: "the sharing revolution"
* Lifestream blog: http://jfayel.posterous.com

* XMPE administrator: Paris Washington Entrepreneurs Association: http://x-entrepreneur.polytechnique.org/
* ASPM president: web2.0 services & hardware: http://aspm.net/
* French Army Honorary Officer

* Web 2.0
: social networking, wiki, mediawiki, pop personal office productivity,
* Entrepreneurship
: started when 18 years old... till now and more...

* Hardware (story list)...
: newspaper, soccer football, slides, computers, faxes, formulettes, cdroms
* Soft (story list)...
: consulting, training, marketing solutions, eship cursus, web2.0 services

* France
* + (alphabetical list)... Belgium, Canada, China, Congo, Germany, Honk Kong, Italia, Portugal, Senegal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uk, Usa

Best personal tools (alphabetical list) ...
* Asus eeepc, etymonline, friendfeed, google gears, gmail, google reader, igoogle, iwantsandy, mediawiki, mindmeister, (open office), posterous, twitter, zoho, ...

* Family, friendship
* Training, coaching, teaching, learning, new technologies evangelist
* Anthropology, philosophy, poetry, novellas, theater, direct democracy, classical music, jazz, outdoor
* Chanson francaise: brassens, brel, trenet, aznavour, piaf, ...
* Sports practicing (top list)...
: soccer, ski, squash, body-board, tennis, biking, hiking, lake fishing

Education (time list)...
* Lycées
: Français Lisbonne, Hoche Versailles, Préparatoire Ginette
* Ph.D. Computer Science Ecole des Mines de Paris
* Graph Theory and Probabilities Doctorate C.I.R.O.
* ... since then my clients have been one of the main sources of my personal learning curve growth...


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